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So this is Cherri, and I saw people posting journals about their webcomics and so I thought I would too, so here goes.
I've recently picked up my comic Void 9 again, and I've been working more extensively on it within the past month or so. So I guess I should probably start explaining it, so lets try and not give everything away right away haha

(I know I need to update these refs, and I need to make proper refs for certain characters too)
Terry Ref by EhX-KoRRyu Ref by EhX-KoRYibv REF by EhX-KoRAl because yeah by EhX-KoRKeep Raving [MINE] by EhX-KoRFucking Addict by EhX-KoRSkitzel Ref. by TheSkittles22

So these are kinda the main characters (you can click on the references for more information on them, and I will try to get proper refs up for the other two, and the last one was not made by me)
So there's a large underlying theme of war throughout the comic, and the plot has actually changed quite a bit since I first started it, however it hasn't interfered with what I had already completed. Originally it had the initial idea of a reversed alien sci-fi, where instead of aliens taking over earth, it'd tell about the humans trying to take over an alien planet, instilling the westernized views and ideas on how life should be. More information can be found here about the life on this planet… (I'm sure not everything is there yet haha)

Doctor Assidfuck by EhX-KoR
However when this guy became more developed and into an actual character, the story began to change rapidly. Originally, he was a side character who would occasionally appear in RPs with a friend, who was just named S, with his submissive partner Z. They were doctors who did medication experiments on our characters which would mess with their minds to the point of breakage. When we merged the side-character surgeon half-brother of Al, this guy rapidly went from just a side character to a full blown main antagonist. I don't want to give too too much away, but basically he killed billions of people, preformed horrendous genetic experiments on thousands, killed off the majority of his own specie in a massive genocide, and he fucked everyone over.

So there are clear references to WWII all throughout this story as well.

Liar by EhX-KoR
(here's the description of this to give out a little more insight)
This is a picture from an alternate side of the comic. Aka, this particular scene will not appear in the comic, unless I do an alternate ending afterward.
So pretty much, TemT (One of my main antagonists, and the guy at the top) is a power-hungry motherfucker (top), however he portrays himself as much different (second from top), as the more friendly helpful surgeon half-brother of Al (middle). HOWEVER. In this picture, Al is dead, and he's nothing but code downloaded onto a computer (while Ryu's alternate, Switch was given Al's body). With Al's super strong and advanced technology, he has the ability to control both Niue (bottom left) and Skitzel (bottom right). Now lets get into these two more extensively. Skitzel has control over Niue, and he's extremely protective over him after Al reset Niue's hard drive to make him his own, and then when TemT killed him (Yes it was TemT the half-brother who killed him), Skitzel was given all Niue's rights on top of his own. TemT killed Niue first, though, and kept his body frozen to preserve him, making somewhat empty promises to Al saying he would be able to bring Niue back, on the conditions that he was able to do what he needed him to do in otter to retain and maintain power. Then he turned and killed him, filming it, bringing Niue back, then loading the video on Niue's drive.
TemT did genetic experimentation on Niue and Skitzel for the benefit of himself and Skit. He turned Skitzel's skin purple just like he had wanted all so long, however Niue's skin changed from the peachy colour of his own to a pale blue. Along with that, he removed one of Skitzel's eyes and the one eye of Niue's that was a real eye, switching them. While he made sure to reconnect Skitzel's perfectly so he could see, he did seldom the same with Niue, connecting the eye, but not worrying about if he could see or not. With that and the other busted eye, Niue can barely see anything at all now. Along with that, he cut one of Niue's arms off, using it to replace the arm Skitzel had ripped off of him by Terry. Then the lower half of the other was cut off and replaced with Skitzel's prosthetic.

You can follow the comic on my dA, my tumblr, and my inkblazers, which you can find all the links to in the descriptions of this picture (and any of my more recent works too)

Thanks for taking the time to read this god awful excuse for an explanation, and I really hope you take the time to check out the comic as well.
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